John Lawson

Coming from a background in the marketing and consulting world, you would assume sales was my forte. However, when it came to selling myself and my services the waters got muddy for me. I simply was struggling to find the words that explained what I do and how I help others to gain their best results.

I needed to really work on my wording so I could speak to my strengths and naturally stand out amongst the pack. My struggle was, how do I align my personal brand with my business persona so I could achieve optimum results. Finding the right words for oneself was much harder than I thought it would be!

I reached out and engaged Nathaniel Schooler after seeing the wordsmithing work he had done for other professionals and he worked with me and helped craft my rebranding.

Nathaniel enabled me to find clarity with a laser beam focus around what I do for others to get the best results for my clients and their businesses.

Today, I have launched the “Lazy Laptop Life” group for entrepreneurs and am working on the podcast launch. I have signed-up more paid members and consulting clients than ever before.

My public speaking opportunities and bookings have broadened and I have had the chance to share the stage with luminaries like Les Brown, Kevin Harrington and Loral Langemeier and others.

Nathaniel commands my highest recommendation and I would not hesitate to work with him in again in the future. I am sure I will!