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Personal Brand

How to use Digital Marketing For Personal Brand?

How to use digital marketing for personal brand? Digital marketing for personal branding is such an important subject, whether you are a seasoned business executive, business consultant or even a student looking for your first job. It is something to think about for many reasons. Some of which are covered in my last blog :- […]

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Implimenting strategic digital marketing must begin with ROI!

Prior to setting up any strategic digital marketing initiatives Put all your crazy tactical ideas down for a moment, switch off your mobile phone and turn off email notifications from your desktop. Take the time to think about tracing and tracking all marketing activities for ROI and what that would mean to you and your […]

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Social Search Or Seo ?

Is Social Media Delivering?

Is your social media marketing delivering tangible value? Is it a challenge finding the best ‘hot’ leads for your business? Do you even know who really wants to know about your products and services? Businesses using ‘social listening’ are now reaping the rewards. They are finding the right people who want the exact products and […]

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