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How to target an existing email database using social media?

Are we neglecting our email lists ? Most businesses have built up email databases that can be harnessed by clever social media “marketeers” improving email open rates. Picking up sales from subscribers within other channels like Twitter. Audience segmentation within social media can assist “lead nurturing campaigns.” Conversions increase from your existing warm leads (database […]

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Twitter's new direct message limit

Twitter’s new direct message limit

Spamming or a great marketers tool? Twitter just took on email, finally a potential solution for email marketers to embrace, removing the ridiculous costs that we all have to put up with from the big email platforms “holding” our data! You can now send a Twitter Direct Mail with 10000 characters and I haven’t even […]

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worst twitter automations

7 Worst Twitter Automations

My 7 worst Twitter Marketing Automations Everyone in social media is complaining either about social media automation taking the interaction and engagement out of the word social or complaining that the programs don’t do what they want them to do…so I thought I would make a list of the worst automations in the hope that we […]

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Social Media

Social Media Marketing & Productivity

Social Media Marketing – Time Wasting ? Over the last few weeks I have fortunately had the opportunity to train a new team member and this in itself was an exciting prospect, the problem was I actually didn’t realise how addicted to technology and in particular social media I was. (more…)

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Social Media Management Automation

Social Media Management For Business  IBM, much like Adobe, Oracle and other large tech businesses are attempting to provide a one stop shop for automation tools, these tools can be used for automating mobile marketing, social media, email marketing and even trigger a letter to go out in the post. (more…)

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Adobe #DigitalJourney Workshop

Fantastic Marketing Insight Workshop With Adobe This morning I attended a superb workshop to learn more about the digital roi. Here are some useful slides and a short video that will help you to understand more about the digital journey. A digital journey is the journey that a client or customer takes when they first […]

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