Personal Branding Tips

 Personal Branding Tips

Personal Branding Tips From Profile Jetpack

I will assume you have taken the time to put together your brand blueprint and can explain what you do in words that most people will understand. I will also assume that you can explain why you are different or better than anyone else and in addition why you are credible and what gives you authority.

You need a personal brand blueprint for all your wording

If you cannot answer these key elements you may want to look out for my new book, which will be launched in the next few weeks, it covers all the crucial parts of your personal brand blueprint that you need for ALL your social media profiles, your CV or Resume and any PR opportunities you may have.

Keep it simple stupid!

Being able to explain what you do in words that people actually understand, versus the industry jargon that so many tend to use is the first thing that you must do and something

These elements will enable you to begin to build your brand blueprint and providing that you don’t try to be someone who you are not, you will be able to start to position yourself in your target market.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all these elements, you can still begin to start building your personal brand by following the steps below.

At Profile Jetpack we’re all about personal branding.  Since our first personal branding infographic with IBM was such a hit we decided to do it again.

“This time we worked with Tara from VIVID Infographics to create the awesome Infographic you see below.  Working with Tara was truly fantastic so if you need an Infographic designed I highly recommend VIVID Infographics!

One of the smartest personal branding strategies you can apply is to optimize your personal brand on the major platforms where you are likely to connect with your ideal prospects.

The infographic below share some incredible insights to help you enhance your personal brand with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WordPress and more!” Garin Kilpatrick Profile Jetpack